For many, Jawai is among the most unique Leopard habitats in the world. For us, it’s our home.

Born under the Leopard’s watch, today we guard them and take its charm to the world. The Leopards of Jawai-Sena are divine, and it remains our constant endeavor that every guest who visits us, leave with the promise to come back. Such is the charm of the place, and the surety of our service.

We are naturalists born from the land. We interpret nature to its truest form and have acquired our knowledge living with the animals that neighbor us. If love for ‘Rosettes’ is in your bucket list, you can bet on us and rest assured we will make your visit an unforgettable one.

We can thread out a Leopard from miles away, understanding their behavior and predicting its movement with unmatched accuracy. Together, we bring to you a mix of finesse and experience in the way we conduct these safaris.

We find roads in the most challenging driveways up the hills and know the deepest secrets of the cave. Sena is not only about Leopards, but also offers a diverse set of wildlife in this rugged landscape. At Jawai Safari Lodge, we will curate your experience to suit your interest and ensure you get the most rewarding experience from your visit to the land of Leopards.