Which is The Best Time to Visit Bera Rajasthan?

5 Things to Pack for Your Getaway to Jawai
October 9, 2020

Bera is a contiguous area to Jawai and when you are visiting one of these areas, you actually take a tour of the entire region. That’s why we are going to tell you some important facts about Bera safari booking in Rajasthan.This is a place where you can spot leopards in any season or month of the year, however, if you are want to make your trip more adventurous, then the best time to visit Bera is from November till February. You need to keep one thing in mind that this area will amuse in every possible manner when you are coming to explore this region, make sure that you have the essentials with you. However, if you are doing this trip with the most reliable service provider, you don’t have to worry about anything.


Jawai Safari Lodge is one such name that makes your trip of Bera not just exciting but one of the most memorable moments of your life. Our rangers and drivers make certain that you could see the leopards from the closes range of distance. They take you the very places at the time when they are out to hunt other animals since they are the apex predator in this area, they prey on every other animal but are very friendly with humans. In this region, the co-existence of humans and leopards is exemplary, they have been living side by side for decades now and there hasn’t been a single attack on any human here.

With us, you can actually get very close to leopards, several species of migratory birds, crocodiles, foxes, hyenas, wolves, jungle cats and some rare species of reptiles and insects too. We make sure that the thrill is escalated in every way and you could get much more than you anticipate. Our services are all-inclusive and we never fail to disappoint our guests, be it safari, food, stay or any other adventurous activity, we make sure that everything is up to the mark. To make this happen, we make every possible effort and provide you the feeling of thorough satisfaction.


We deliver services with aplomb and ensure that this tour remains swashbuckling, luxurious, and memorable to you. When we analyze our services, we do with a 3600 view and assure that we involve everything. We believe in making our guests satisfied and deliver the most fabulous experience with a lavish stay in luxury glamping tents. Our staff makes sure that the rooms are clean all the time and they are available round the clock for your service. We have the motto of exceeding the expectations of our guests and we materialize this vision by being ready on all fours for good.

Our commitment to service is unmatched and when we serve our guests, we make the overall experience more gratifying by allowing you to choose to spend your vacation or weekend outing the way you want to. We don’t force our customers to stay, if they want, they can just opt for a safari ride and can go back to their place. They can also enjoy different activities such as bonfire, trekking or hiking without necessitating the stay. With this, we become your go-to service provider when it comes to enjoying Bera with lots of fun and excitement.

At Thour, we strive hard to deliver satisfaction and make it possible with first-rate services that are tailored to perfection. We allow you to spend some great time by taking a close look at the animals here, besides that, we also let provide a ritzy living in our tents that are made to give you the most ethereal experience. If you choose to stay with us, we make sure that you feel proud of making that decision, our services are flawless and they are flexible so you could be entertained in the best way possible.


For making our guests satisfied, we can go above and beyond, we ensure that you are filled with thrill when you are doing the safari ride. Our rangers take you through the vast plains and high hills giving you every chance of witnessing the striking landscapes. We give you the freedom of making changes in the tariff so your safari or stay could be economical too. But it doesn’t mean that we compromise with the quality of our services, we deliver a vivid and fantabulous experience that you can never forget. We deliver what we promise and make no mistakes in giving you the satisfaction you want.

When we serve our guests, we do it with an overarching approach and make it possible for them to have endless fun for as long as they are with us. We have deliberately worked on each section of our resort and made it a property that is worth exploring. We give our guests more than what they expect and help them feel the vibe of Bera in the most wonderful way. Our staff has taken the onus of delivering unparalleled service and we do it by rendering the entire experience heavenly, we give them a reason to come back to this region.